RARE Wedding Good Luck Clover BLUE Pink Novelty Vintage Printed Tablecloth (53 X 44)

The Vintage Table

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Date uploaded:  a1886:20180515

Deciding to sell some of my personal collection since it is sitting up in a cupboard and not being enjoyed. This pink and blue Best Wishes wedding tablecloth is very hard to find. It only turns up maybe once a year on Ebay in any of the colorways (green, blue, gray).

This one is barely faded at all. The colors are bright and there is one tiny gray spot that could be dye. Small faint gray smudge only visible on the back.

  • Dye Condition: bright, barely faded
  • Fabric Content: midweight cotton rayon blend
  • Hems/Selvedges: good
  • Holes/Tears: none
  • Size: 53 X 44 inches
  • Stains: one tiny gray pindot spot
  • Dog Friendly House!

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