Rare Lord's Prayer Bread Thanksgiving Novelty Vintage Printed Tablecloth (65 X 50)

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I have never had this hard to find Irish linen tablecloth in this colorway before, only the turquoise. This version is much more fally and ready for your non-turkey Thanksgiving table. When it arrived it was a rich brown but sadly this was nicotine staining. It is still a very pretty burlap color.

It is slightly more than gently faded. It has a large stain in the center which is not noticeable unless you know to look for it. One less than dimesized stain outline. Both stains faded in an Oxy soak. The picture makes them look worse than they look in person.

  • Dye Condition: a little more than gently faded
  • Fabric Content: mid weight linen
  • Hems/Selvedges: good
  • Holes/Tears: none
  • Size: 65 X 50 inches
  • Stains: large and small stain in the center are visible if you know to look for them but not noticeable. They both faded in an oxy soak
  • Dog Friendly House!

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