Rare Knives Forks Silverware on Green Linen Novelty Vintage Printed Tablecloth (50 X 47)

The Vintage Table

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This tablecloth doesn't turn up very often. In fact I don't remember the last time I saw one. This is a pretty green linen with knives and forks in different directions. Reminds me of the Startex cotton one. 

The tablecloth is gently faded. There are some white lines in the dye where the dye skipped. One tiny little spot that could be the start of a worn spot. This is a linen tablecloth and therefore the color and weave is uneven in spots.

  • Dye Condition: gently faded
  • Fabric Content: midweight linen
  • Hems/Selvedges: good
  • Holes/Tears: one tiny place just inside the center area where there may be a starting tiny worn spot
  • Size: 50 X 47 inches
  • Stains: none
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