Rare Queen Coronation Novelty NWT Napkins Vintage Printed Tablecloth (52 X 51)

The Vintage Table

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Date uploaded:  i7366:20131212

I have had this tablecloth in my personal collection for a few years. I was born in London and the colors really appealed to me. There are four matching napkins. The paper label is attached with the pattern name Coronation. Now the tablecloth has some fairly deep age staining in places and you cannot use Oxy with the plentiful gold dye. You might try rubbing in laundry detergent as a pretreat. As a last resort I have had very good luck with a mild chlorine bleach soak followed by a white vinegar rinse to neutralize. If you have it, I add some Biz to the bleach mixture because it has enzymes that work well on biological stains. Often these dark marks leach from wooden drawers or paper boxes.

  • Dye Condition: Good
  • Fabric Content:Midweight cotton/rayon blend
  • Hems/Selvedges:Good
  • Holes/Tears:None
  • Size:52 X 51
  • Stains:Fairly deep aging along some of the folds on the tablecloth
  • Dog Friendly House!

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