ORANGE Quilting Fabric 10 FAT QUARTERS Vintage Retro Reproduction 2000s

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I admit it, I tend to be a bit of a hoarder. Back in the 2000s when my kids were small I used to make and sell Folk Art Quilts on Ebay. I had a dream of making reproduction baby quilts like the old ones. I got sick and my tablecloth business took off so I just did the buying part, not the sewing part.

I would like to see some cute masks made with these vintage fabrics so they don't go to waste in my attic.

I tried to divide into colorways. All fabric came from quality quilting or fabric stores. Most of the fat quarters are reproduction fabrics. Some have been washed and may be slightly smaller than 21 by 18 inches

This set of 10 is orange

Shipping is $8 for the first, $1 each additional and I will refund any extra shipping over $1. If you just want one set I'd be happy to send it First Class and refund the overage. Tax of 6.25% will be applied to MA sales.

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