HTF Fairytale 30s Red Magenta Linen Novelty Vintage Printed Tablecloth (52 X 46)

The Vintage Table

SKU: i1929
Date uploaded:  i1929:20120203

Another Hard to Find tablecloth from my personal collection. Most of you know I have collected these two color 30s linens. I suspect this one is a Broderie. It has scotties, geese and bunnils. What are bunnils? A friend and I made up the name for these animals that are a cross between a rabbit and a squirrel. Tablecloth is somewhat faded. a little more than shows in the pictures. There is one stain in the border that is not obvious. The corners are bad as shown.

  • Dye Condition: Somewhat faded
  • Fabric Content:Midweight linen
  • Hems/Selvedges:Good with thready corners as shown
  • Holes/Tears:None
  • Size:52 X 46
  • Stains:One light stain hard to see in the border
  • Dog Friendly House!

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