Dark Quilt Fabric Pieces

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Stack of random fabric pieces with different themes. All have backgrounds of navy, black and gray. The fabrics have been washed and most pieces are 10 by 9 inches. You will get the fabric shown in the first picture. The others are for detail.

I will be listing fabric as well and I'm always happy if you want to run a tab to cut back on shipping multiple lots. Just let me know then tell me when you're ready for me to mail.

I bought a ton of fabric to make masks. It's just sitting here. I would prefer it sit in your workroom than mine :o) I tried to divide into themes. The fabric came from quality quilting or fabric stores.

Shipping is $8 for the first, $1 each additional and I will refund any extra shipping over $1. If you just want one set I'd be happy to send it First Class and refund the overage. Tax of 6.25% will be applied to MA sales.

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