Blue Yellow Floral NWOT Napkins Vintage Printed Tablecloth (64 X 53)

The Vintage Table

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Date uploaded:  i7318:20120413
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This tablecloth came with a paper label attached but was filthy. I soaked it and it looks great! Still darker at one end than the other but you cannot see that on the table. Two black marks as shown. Three matching overlock napkins. Paper label from Sparkleprints will travel with. I don't usually buy rayon cloths but say what you will, they carry color like crazy!

  • Dye Condition: good
  • Fabric Content: midweight rayon cotton blend high rayon content
  • Hems/Selvedges: good
  • Holes/Tears: none
  • Size: 64 X 53 inches
  • Stains: tablecloth is slightly darker at one end than the other. Two black marks as shown
  • Dog Friendly House!

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