About us


I aim to provide YOU with the tablecloth of your dreams! Vintage printed tablecloths from the 1930s through the 1960s for every taste and pocketbook.

Your tablecloth will arrive clean, pressed and ready to use unless otherwise described. It will be safely wrapped and in the mail the next day if not sooner.


I want you to LOVE your tablecloth

ALL of my tablecloths are sold with my personal guarantee. As described or return for a full refund. If your tablecloth doesn't work for you, colors are wrong or the size, you are always welcome to return in condition sent for item price only.


Shipping and Returns:

Shipping is by USPS Priority Shipping. Posted next business day Monday through Friday and Saturday if the order comes in on Friday. 

Returns are gracefully accepted. If the item is not as described, please return for a full refund.

If the tablecloth just doesn't work for you, you are welcome to return in sent condition for a refund of the tablecloth price only.


My History:

One of my earliest memories as a young child in England was seeing the bombed out remnants of the Coventry Cathedral close to my hometown. Little did I know it would lead to a love of vintage items and an interest in the families of World War II and beyond.

I moved to North America at six and was surrounded by Danish Modern and disdain for anything old and antique. The common idea for the 70s was to embrace the new and modern and chuck out anything old. It wasn't until I moved to New England in 1995 that I started to revisit my interest in mid-century family life. I bought the American Foursquare of my dreams and moved in with my young family.

As my children moved into school age, I went to Brimfield and wandered into the tent of Dusty's Vintage Textiles. A new obsession was born! Gone was the retro quilting fabric and folk art quilts. I moved in hundreds of vintage printed tablecloths and was a founding member of the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club. I was also worked on a collection of historical printed tablecloths and started to think about the women and families in North America. What was it like to be encouraged to work outside the home, doing exciting important jobs and physical labor? What was it like when those same valued women were sent home when the jobs were taken back and given to returning veterans?

I founded The Vintage Table in 2000 to sell vintage printed tablecloths on the internet. The business has been going strong ever since.

Welcome to my obsession!