Thankful to be alive, thankful for my friends!

Thankful to be alive, thankful for my friends!

Many of you have read about my emergency hospital stay and sent wonderful emails. Thank you! My doctor said if I wasn't as young or fit as I am things would have ended differently. I need to go back for another colonoscopy and a karate friend has put me in touch with one of the top GI doctors in Boston. So thankful!

I am back on my feet and plan to add more tablecloths this week, likely Friday. My office is busting out with tablecloths everywhere! Stay tuned! As always I will send out an email once the update is done plus post it to my Facebook page. You can sign up for my emails on the main page. I promise I will never sell or giveaway your information and I almost never send out more than one email a week.

One of the many disappointments last week was that I didn't get to see the baby cardinal leave the nest! This is the last clear picture I have of the little guy (or girl). Hopefully he'll be dropping by soon for a visit.

All the best! Karen

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