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New Orleans Louisiana Vintage Tablecloth

New Orleans Louisiana Vintage Tablecloth This amazing New Orleans Souvenir tablecloth reminds me of a giant hanky! I have never had a souvenir tablecloth like this before, it is so sweet! I dont often collect State tablecloths though, so Im certainly no expert. I looked in Pam Glasells book Vintage Souvenir Tablecloths and Linens and couldn't find another for any state. It feels like a lighterweight linen and has skinny hems just like a hanky. Those hems are out to the first fold here and there along both hems. There were a couple of light gray stains but I soaked it and they came out beautifully! It is gently faded. One corner is slightly tufty.

Size: 47 X 47

Fabric Content: Lighterweight linen

Dye Condition: Gently faded

Holes/Tears: None

Stains: None

Hems/Selvedges: Slim hems that are out to the first fold in places. One corner is slightly tufty


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